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Tornado7Design | Visual Art & Print House
// 旋风七号 – 视觉设计与印刷小铺


Tornado7, is a spaceship drifting in space, equipped with computers and printing machines . 
// 旋风七号是一艘漂流在宇宙空间的太空船, 仓内装置可做设计的电脑和生产印刷品的机器.


Mr.K, the captain of spaceship. An earth man that in charge for the design and illustration projects.
// 太空船长Mr.K 是一名地球人设计师, 负责管理设计和绘制插图项目.

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We are now located at // 我们位于

D-1-5, Boulevard Business Park, Jalan Kuching, 51200 KL
Waze: Tornado7Design


Our Services 公司服务 

Custom garment product and printing services.
We also supply printing material and related accessories. 

// 专职布料物品定制与印刷服务. 亦贩售印刷材料和相关配件.