Colors Heat Transfer VINYL PU



Product Details

32 different colors of VINYL PU to serve your printing needs. with PET stick back sheet, easy peel for small lettering. Real good quality.

Colors Option 1/2
PU01 – Black
PU02 – White
PU03 – Red
PU04 – Orange
PU05 – Brown
PU06 – Dk Pink
PU07 – Pink
PU08 – Lt Pink
PU09 – Grey
PU10 – Dk Grey
PU11 – Dk Purple
PU12 – Violet
PU13 – Lt Purple
PU14 – NEON Pink
PU15 – NEON Orange
PU16 – Dk Green

Set 2/2
PU17 – Green
PU18 – Emerald Green
PU19 – Grass Green
PU20 – Lt Green
PU21 – Orange
PU22 – Khaki
PU23 – Yellow
PU24 – NEON Yellow
PU25 – NEON Green
PU26 – Navy
PU27 – Dk Blue
PU28 – Peacock Blue
PU29 – Sky Blue
PU30 – Lt Blue
PU31 – Gold
PU32 – Silver

RM21 for 50cm x 1m
Special price for more than 50m


1. Good washability
2. Apply on Fabrics
3. Works well with all plotter Graphtec / Cameo

Heat Transfer Setting
Temperature: 140-150C
Pressure: High
Time: 15-20s
Peel: Cold Peel

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